Life Sciences Sector Skill Development Council- Detailed analysis.


LSSSDC is a central Government runned Skill Development Council for the Life sciences sector especially Biotechnology and Clinical Sciences.

As they state their vision on their website it states their vision as:-

The Vision of the Council is to create a robust and vibrant eco-system for development of a skilled workforce matching globally recognized standards for Life Sciences Sector in India, benefiting all stakeholders. This, whilst ensuring a sustained supply of skilled workforce, across functional areas and levels, will provide meaningful livelihood opportunities to a multitude of people in Pharmaceuticals, Bio Technology and Clinical Research space in India.”

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As we all know the Biotechnology and the Life sciences sector face a major problem of Unskilled workforce causing many problems like Unemployment, low wages e.t.c. that are continuously faced by the young generation in todays scenario. The LSSSDC acts as a supporting agency for all by providing various skill based trainings and opportunities to work in industry oriented sectors.

Since its inception LSSSDC has been working hand in hand with Industry and taken the support from Industry members and experts at every stage of its mission. LSSSDC is grateful to these Industry partners and feel proud sharing its gratitude towards the cooperation and support provided by it’s Industry partners

Some of their industrial partners are as below as stated in their website:-

Bharat Biotech, Abbot, Biocon, Ajanta Pharma, Cadila, Aurobindo Pharma, Novartis, Unicure, Maxtra Bio Genics e.t.c. and many more.

The projection of life sciences sector in the Financial years are as below:-

The industry is expected to employ 2.15 million people by 2024

The sector is expected to see a new job creation of 1.31 million between 2015 to 2024, with the highest gap in the manufacturing segment

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