ISoP Seminar – Intelligent Automation in Pharmacovigilance


ISoP Seminar – Intelligent Automation in Pharmacovigilance

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Given that the concept of Intelligent Automation is building momentum across other industries, and the prospect of a digital workforce being the new normal, is fast becoming reality. Pharmacovigilance is full of daily repetitive tasks that are ideal for Intelligent Automation.

ISoP Seminar – Intelligent Automation in Pharmacovigilance
ISoP Seminar – Intelligent Automation in Pharmacovigilance

There are many advantages for companies to adopt the use of this technology, such as continuity enhancement – in most cases, an automated process can cover 24 hours per day. This allows organizations the opportunity for repurposing staff on complex tasks that require in-depth analysis and decision making, adding much greater value to the company. It will also strengthen overall job satisfaction, as employees should feel more engaged, working on new and challenging assignments, leading to less staff turnover.

In addition, it can reduce time spent recruiting, interviewing and hiring; relieving the additional strain on key subject matter experts having to laboriously train new joiners to the company, and decreasing the need for overtime hours. All these factors should consequently help to develop a strong stable workforce, by potentially achieving the all-important aspect of a work-life balance.

Intelligent Automation in Pharmacovigilance. Offering a unique, highly focused, scientific and interactive two-day event, 30 speakers across the pharma and technology services industry were invited to speak on this hot topic, and the feedback gathered from the attendees at the seminar was very positive.

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Interesting, engaging and, at times, controversial debates were sparked during the open panel discussions.


The faculty will consist of international experts in pharmacovigilance, representing government, academia, and industry.
The seminar will be held in Boston (USA), Massachusetts’ capital. Training certificates of attendance will be provided to those who complete the seminar.

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