Health benefits of Sapodilla (Chickoo)……… Add the sweetness of Sapodilla

Health benefits of Sapodilla (Chickoo)


The presence of vitamin A in chickoo helps keep the eye healthy and improve eye sight.

Chickoos are rich in fiber, anti-oxidants and nutrients because of which it prevents many types of cancer. The fiber also helps prevent constipation.
Chickoos are full of calcium, iron, phosphorous and help in strengthening the bones.

The Vitamin E and B content in chickoos help keep the skin and hair healthy. Vitamin B also helps against stress and fatigue.

Chickoos are rich in tannins and hence reduce any inflammation that may be present in the body such as gastritis and bowel disorders.

This fruit is rich in glucose and acts as an energy booster.

Chickoos have a high dose of carbohydrates and essential nutrients, which is good for pregnant women

A decoction made of boiling chickoo in water can help against piles, dysentery and diarrhoea.

Its diuretic properties help in removing waste from the body.